Amazon’s new ‘store train’ is a train of death

Jul 14, 2021 Legal

Amazon is testing a new store train, an automated train that will make it easy for customers to shop for products online.

The “store train” is a large box of merchandise that can be opened by anyone and carried on a person’s shoulder, according to Amazon.

This new Amazon train will be equipped with a computerized system that “automatically finds the best store to sell your product to” based on the person’s shopping habits, according the company.

The system will be based on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, an online-based system where people can post jobs that require a specific skill.

The company plans to sell this train at a price that ranges from $99 to $249.

The store train will include a wide range of products, including electronics, kitchen appliances, and clothing.

Amazon currently has no plans to bring its new “store store” system to the US, but the company did recently open an online store in the UK.

Amazon will also introduce a new product line in the US called Amazon Prime: a “premium” subscription service for customers that will offer a selection of products at a lower price.

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