How to draw a bowflex trainer

Jul 27, 2021 About

Trainers and trainers often ask me to draw the Bowflex Max Trainer.

I am not good at drawing them, but I do my best. 

It’s not too difficult to draw, it’s not easy to draw fast, and it’s fun to draw. 

I draw the bowflex trainers using the same methods as other trainers, but this time I’ve added a bit of a twist. 

First, the arrow is moving in a circle.

I like this as it’s an easy way to show where the arrow would go if the user wanted to go faster.

Second, I’ve put a circle over the arrows head and let it float up.

This helps to show how the arrow moves around the trainer. 

When the trainer is drawn, the trainer’s arms move along the trainer and up and down.

When the user is drawing, the user’s arms can move up and lower, but not around the training head.

Third, I have a little bit of background shading on the trainer in case the trainer doesn’t quite fit the arrow. 

Fourth, the training ring is in the center.

The ring is meant to simulate the feel of the trainer when it’s moving.

I’ve also added a couple of small arrows to the ring.

These arrows are meant to help keep track of when the trainer goes through the first or last loop of the train.

Fifth, I’m using a small black line to indicate the direction of the arrow that goes through.

Here are some tips and tricks for drawing the Bow Flex Max Trainer trainer: When drawing, be sure to draw your trainer’s head in black as the arrows will travel all the way around the ring and the trainer can’t see anything that’s not in the trainer, like the trainer itself. 

You’ll also want to make sure you have a big enough buffer of space between your trainer and the arrow, so that the arrow doesn’t end up coming right at the trainer again. 

The trainer can move around the Trainer, but it can’t go past the Trainer. 

Try drawing the arrows on a black background, but be sure you don’t draw the trainer through the trainer while it’s going through the loop. 

In the trainer image below, the arrows are moving through the ring, but there’s no ring around it.

This is what it looks like when the arrow’s going to come right through the Trainer: It can be tricky to draw in a trainer when the arrows aren’t aligned with the trainer head. 

Draw the arrows as close to the trainer as possible. 

Keep your eyes on the arrow as it travels through the training area. 

Remember to rotate the trainer so that it is facing the arrow head.

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