A look at the training table at the B.T. Bachmann Training Center

Aug 5, 2021 Contact

Trainers, we have just found a new home.


Bachman Training Center has been home to the training tables for over 50 years.

The tables are a part of the BMT community and have served as a model for many training programs.

We have been excited to bring these tables to the site of the new BMT Building and Museum.

As part of this transition, we will be expanding our training tables to a new location at the new Museum, and our trainee training center will be relocated to a completely new facility at the site.

The new building is scheduled to open in 2019.

This project has been in the works for many years.

In 2008, BMT was acquired by the United States Department of Labor.

As part of that acquisition, Bmt had to acquire the historic BMT building, and in 2010, the building was acquired again.

BMT has been working to maintain and enhance the buildings historic and contemporary facilities.

During the acquisition process, the Bmt Training Center and Museum were transferred to the State of Colorado.

The facility and the Museum are now located in the BTL Building.

The BMT Training Center will remain open and will remain an active training center, providing training to trainees and their families.

We will continue to offer programs and services in the building, including the use of the facilities in-house training facilities.

This includes a number of educational, cultural and service activities, as well as the use and maintenance of equipment, such as tables, training tables, and equipment. 

The BTL Training Center’s current training programs are available for those interested in a range of disciplines and skills.

The training table is an essential tool in BMT training.

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