What to expect in ‘Potty Train’ and other train-themed movies

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Train movies are all the rage these days.

We’re getting a new train movie every week.

There are also a handful of movies that are actually good, like Trainwreck and Train to Busan.

And with a bit of luck, the movies will find a home on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Video.

But if you’ve never seen one of these movies, don’t fret.

Here’s what you need to know before you head out to see some of the best train movies out there.


‘Trainwreck’ and ‘Train to Buson’ Are Two Train Movies Train to Bussan (2017) is a train movie set in a train station.

The cast includes Tom Hanks, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jessica Chastain and John Malkovich.

The film is directed by John Carpenter, who also wrote the screenplay for the 2002 film The Thing.


‘Potter Train’ Is Not an Animated Train Movie Potter Train (2015) is an animated train movie about a train wreck.

The movie stars Jack Black, John Goodman, Jessica Lange and Tilda Swinton.


‘A Train to Go’ Is an Animated Trailer A Train to Train (2008) is about a man who is lost and must navigate the world by train.

He meets two mysterious strangers and must learn to use the train.

The trailer features John Cusack, Michael Douglas, Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Banks.


‘The Train to Paris’ Is a Train Trailer ATrain to Train: The Story of A Train (2007) is based on the French novel “The Train.”

It is a story of a young boy who has to go on a train with his father.

The boy gets separated from his father, the train, the driver and a group of other people.

The Train to Berlin: A Train on the Train (2012) is the third and final movie in the French series of novels.


‘Dance With Me’ Is An Animated Trailer Dance With Me (2010) is another animated movie about dance lessons.

The actors are Michael B. Jordan, Emma Stone and Michael Stuhlbarg.


‘Rescue Me’ is An Animated Video Game ‘Ressurect’ (2017), a remake of the 1980s Japanese TV show “Rescued.”

It’s based on a novel by Japanese author Yasuhiro Murakami.


‘Anime Train’ is Not a Train Movie ‘Train Train’ (2015), directed by Hayao Miyazaki, is an anime train movie that stars Hayao Matsumoto, Akira Toriyama and Takashi Miike.


‘Jungle Book’ Is No Train Movie Jungle Book: The Legend of the Lost Train (2014) is also based on The Jungle Book.


‘Carnivale’ Is the Story of an Animated Film Carnivale (2013) is animated about the life of a French girl who’s the only survivor of a train crash in 1892.


‘Trainspotting’ Is Another Animated Train Trailer Trainspotts (2013), directed Peter Jackson, is about the adventures of a teenage boy who wants to be a realtor and has to make friends with his neighbor.

He starts a small housekeeping business, but soon learns that there’s more to life than what he imagined.

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