How to make love train shoes in less time

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The love train is all the rage right now.

We’re all in love with the latest designs and the hype is so insane that you can’t help but take it.

But the truth is, you’re going to need some time to get used to it and get used it.

It may be too soon, but it is definitely a new train.

Here’s how to make a love train shoe in less than an hour.1.

Cut the cord, right?

You could have made your own love train with your favorite pair of running shoes.

But you’ll need to make one yourself.

You’ll need a pair of your favorite running shoes, some scissors, a ruler, a box cutter and some scissors.

Cut a long piece of 1.5-inch-wide x 1.25-inch long black vinyl sheet, cut the top off, then use scissors to cut out a piece about the size of a pencil.2.

Wrap the vinyl sheet around a piece of tape to make an adjustable clip, and then cut a piece roughly the same size as the clip to fit over the vinyl.3.

Drill holes for your running shoes and attach your clip to the vinyl with a small, round hole, and glue on a small piece of black vinyl to the top of the clip.4.

Put your shoes in your closet and tape your love train to the wall.

Make sure you take the clips out before you leave your room.

(Or you’ll be tempted to grab a pair from the closet again.)5.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you’ve got a love and support shoe that fits perfectly over your running socks.

If you’re ready to make your own, you’ll also need some scissors and scissors and a box cutter.1.)

Start by cutting a piece the same length as your clip, about the same width as the tape you just cut.2.)

Cut out the vinyl, about 1.75 inches long.3.)

Cut the bottom piece off of your clip and cut a rectangle that fits over the top.4.)

Fold over the bottom of the vinyl and glue the end of the rectangle onto the vinyl to form a loop.5.

Glue a second loop to the bottom and cut another rectangle, about 2 inches wide.6.

Glued the end loops onto the bottom loop and taped it to the cardboard, about a quarter-inch away from the vinyl cut.7.

Glues the cardboard to the two loops and the two sides of the loop to form the bottom part of the love train.8.

Glaze the top and the side of the box with your glue and the cardboard.9.

Repeat step 4 and 5 until you have two love train boxes that fit perfectly over the running socks you already own.

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