How to Train Your Dog to Be a Train

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Train your dog to be a train and obey commands.

By the time you’re done with the book, you’ll be ready to train your dogs to be obedience trainers.

If you’re going to be training a dog to learn obedience, you need to train it to obey commands in a realistic way.

So here are the steps I take every time I start a new puppy or dog.


Start with a dog that’s not yet an obedience train.

Your dog needs to be willing to learn new things.

That means you need a puppy that’s very willing to be the “trainee” for a puppy who’s already an obedience dog.

So you’ll want a puppy with some attitude, some confidence, and a sense of humor.

You’ll also want a dog who has a good sense of timing.

When it comes to training your dog, the most important thing is to teach your dog the right commands, not just “sit and wait.”

This means that you want to make sure your dog is comfortable with the commands.

So your dog should not be afraid to run away when he wants to be trained.


Set up your dog’s training routine.

Train your dog with a puppy’s body language.

Puppies should be able to recognize a “sit” and a “wait” when a command is given.

For example, you could tell your dog that he should stand and be ready for the command, but if he doesn’t, he can still stand and wait for the commands to come back.


Teach your dog what to do.

Once your dog knows the commands, it’s time to teach him to do the things you tell him to.

The best way to teach a dog is by watching him in action.

“The most important lesson you can teach your puppy is to watch what you say to him.”


Teach him to obey a specific command.

Before you can train your dog how to sit, stand, and wait, you first need to know how to teach it to do those things.

Here are the three things you’ll need to do:Sit.

Sit when your dog has finished playing with you, or has finished with the toys.


This is when your puppy needs to stand and still.


Sometimes it’s not a good idea to sit with your dog when you’re not playing with him.

And, sometimes it’s okay to wait, even if it means that your dog won’t sit and wait.


Teach a puppy the command to stand.

Step one of the most common commands your dog will hear is “sit.”

For most dogs, this is the cue to sit.

However, if you’re a dog trainer, you may want to start with a different command.

If your dog isn’t comfortable with sitting and waiting, you might try another command that will make him feel more comfortable.


Teach the command that to wait.

“Sit” to wait for a command.

For example:Sit with your puppy and wait until he is sitting with you.

Wait until he has stopped playing with toys.

Wait a little longer until he sits and waits for you to move on.

The other command that you can give your dog at this point is “wait.”

If your puppy sits and does nothing, you should teach him the command “wait until you can do something.”

If he can wait for you, you can use the command again.


Wait until your puppy stops playing with the toy or toys.

Sit with him while he’s waiting.

Sit for a little while longer.

Wait for him to stand when he is standing.

Wait a little more.

Sit while he is in your lap.

Wait as long as it takes for him not to sit and sit again.


Teach obedience to your dog.

“The best training method for your dog doesn’t need to be taught at every opportunity.”

The other day, I was watching a puppy train with my son.

He was sitting in my lap, watching me and his master teach him how to hold a ball.

At one point, I told my son, “Now go do something else.”

I went to the store and bought him a toy, which he played with.

I then told him to sit on the ball while I was doing something else.

What happened next surprised me.

He sat on the toy.

After he finished playing the ball with the ball, he went back to the table and began to play with the same toy again.

The next day, he sat on a ball, which I gave him a treat.

As I sat next to him, he was watching me with his eyes closed, but he did not stop playing with that toy.

So when I said “sit,” he did.

He started to stand with his arms stretched out and his

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