The big questions for the Democrats heading into the 2020 race

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The next two presidential elections are going to be extremely competitive.

The key question is how the parties approach the challenge of winning them.

Here’s a look at what we know about the 2016 election, and what the next four years might hold.

*Democrats in charge of 2018: “They’re just not prepared to face a crisis” The Democrats in charge are making the same mistakes they’ve made in the past two presidential races.

This time, they’re not ready.

This is not an election about whether the country’s political system needs fixing, it’s about how the political system has already failed us.

We have a political system that has been broken for decades.

The 2016 election was not the first time that a Democratic president or Democratic House or Senate has lost the popular vote, but it is the last time that it will be the last one.

What happened in 2016 was not an anomaly.

The last Democratic president in the post-World War II era, Bill Clinton, lost the presidency in 1994 because of a rigged electoral system.

In 2016, the Democratic Party lost control of the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House.

The result was that President Trump was inaugurated, a Republican Congress was elected, and President Trump signed an executive order to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.

It’s not just that Trump is not qualified to serve as president, he is not a leader either.

The Republican Party, in the meantime, continues to do its best to obstruct efforts to address climate change.

That includes blocking legislation to address greenhouse gas emissions.

The president has repeatedly claimed that he has a mandate to act on climate change, despite the fact that he does not.

He has also repeatedly argued that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese to undermine American manufacturing.

Trump has not only failed to make the United States a clean energy superpower but has also failed to implement policies that would help keep our lights on, our factories humming, and our factories and workers thriving.

It is time for the Democratic leadership to do what it has been doing all along and get to work on solving this crisis before it’s too late.

The Democrats have been in control of Congress since 2009.

It was Democrats in Congress in 2011 who blocked the Clean Power Plan, which would have kept the lights on in America’s biggest power plants.

It also passed the Affordable Care Act, which was supposed to cover millions of people with preexisting conditions.

But Democrats in Washington did not get their act together in 2016.

The Democratic Party failed to do enough to help millions of Americans who have lost their jobs and who have struggled to make ends meet in the wake of the financial crisis.

It failed to push through the JOBS Act that would have created thousands of jobs, created millions of new jobs, and created millions more.

The failure to do that was not a mistake on the part of the Democrats.

It wasn’t a failure of leadership, it was a failure on the leaders’ part.

When Democrats lost control in the House in 2010, they lost their ability to pass major bills.

They lost the ability to make changes in the way that our economy worked, or even to fix the problems they were facing.

And so it was the Democrats who chose not to support any major legislation.

Instead, they put forward a package of short-term tax cuts and spending increases that would do nothing to help working Americans, as well as raise the debt and deficits even further.

And Democrats have tried to put forward policies that could help millions more Americans.

But, despite this, Democrats have continued to push the status quo on climate, with no plan to fix our economy or our health care system.

When it comes to addressing the crises that we face, the next two elections will be extremely challenging.

And in order to survive them, the Democrats must get their house in order.

*The Democrats are still not prepared for the next big crisis: “It’s not a problem that will be solved by the Democrats” The 2016 presidential election was an anomaly in a system that is still in place and has proven to be remarkably resilient.

As long as Republicans control the House and the Senate, they have the ability and the incentive to push back against Democratic efforts to change the system.

The problem with the system is that it is too good to be true.

It has worked well in the last two presidential cycles.

In 2008, the Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the presidency.

Democrats won control of both houses in 2010.

The Republicans won the presidency and the House, but the House was still controlled by the Republicans.

In 2020, the president will be in a minority.

So if Democrats do not act, the Republican House and Senate will likely continue to obstruct President Trump.

And when they do act, Democrats will have little choice but to respond by trying to get a majority in the Senate.

That means that the Democrats will need to get the White Houses in order first.

Democrats have an opportunity to start by getting the House’s votes on climate legislation and the Affordable Health Care

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