When Disney says goodbye to the Christmas train set it’ll always be a treasure, says Karl-Heinz Bischoff

Sep 15, 2021 Legal

Disney says it will stop producing and selling its popular Christmas train sets, but the company is still working to bring them back to life.

The company announced Monday that it will retire all existing Christmas trains in 2019 and that the company will continue to produce new ones, but not at the same scale or at the expense of its existing brands.

The new trains will be produced at a smaller scale, but still be available in limited numbers for holiday shows and other special events.

The Disney brand has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years with shows such as the Frozen and Guardians of the Galaxy films.

Bischoffs’ company will now be able to offer its brand of trains at its Christmas shows, which will include The Great Movie Ride, The Disney Experience and the Disney Princess Parade.

The last train sets were produced by Lego, and the company says that the new sets will be manufactured at a cost similar to its existing products.

“We have always believed that there is no better time to bring the best quality of the Disney brand back to the public, and we’re excited to bring it back to showrooms,” said Bill Ritter, CEO of The Walt Disney Company.

“The world’s best showgoers can now get a taste of our world-class animation again with new and exciting designs and incredible entertainment.”

Bischons Christmas trains are still available for purchase on the company’s website, but only for select holidays.

They cost $250 to $350, depending on what year of the year they were produced.

The trains can be purchased through Walt Disney World hotels or Disney stores.

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