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Why I love the Colts training camp

The NFL has some very good talent on their roster, but their most exciting piece of talent could be a new coach.

There is a new head coach in town, the team has a new starting quarterback, and a lot of veteran players are still with the organization.

In this article, I want to talk about some of the players I love on the Colts roster, and some of what I don’t.

For starters, the Colts have a lot to be excited about.

They have a bunch of young talent, and they also have some veteran talent that will likely get a new deal this offseason.

But the real reason I love this team is because of the veterans on this roster.

Here are the top five veterans I like on this Colts roster: 1.

J.R. Sweezy, RB, Arizona Cardinals (Age: 26) Seahawks: 4 years, $37.5 million; 4 years and $31.5 in guaranteed.

Saw some of Sweeys best moments on the field, including a game-winning touchdown run against the Colts.

His play in 2017 is truly remarkable.

I am not sure if Sweeze can play in the NFL right now.

However, I love his versatility, as he can play either as a running back or a tight end.

Sweyze will be the most consistent of the young running backs on this team, as the Cardinals are always a little shaky in the red zone.

Sweezy can also get separation, which will help the team.


Brandon Jacobs, WR, New York Jets (Age