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What to know about train cartoonists

Railway train cartoonist Ramesh Thakur has come to be known as the cartoonist behind Train, a satirical comic that has caused a stir in India and around the world.

The train cartoon series, which was originally published in 2008, features trainees from across the country on a journey to Mumbai and then back to their homes in Gujarat.

Here are some of the highlights: The journey begins with the train crew in the early morning hours of a Wednesday morning.

They are all on their way to the train station in Mumbai.

The train is packed with passengers and its arrival is delayed by several hours.

The crew is now on their return journey, which takes them to their hometowns.

A group of trainees is on their journey to a city.

They reach a place called Kurukshetra and then a town called Surat.

The town is a place of pilgrimage and the crew are all taking the opportunity to meet their relatives and visit temples.

They are all walking towards a railway station in Surat, a place that is frequented by pilgrims.

They meet the railway officials and ask them questions.

An officer asks a group of passengers how long it took them to reach the railway station.

Another officer asks another group of people how long they have been travelling.

This is how the crew in Train depict the journey of the train from Kuru to Surat and back.

They also depict the pilgrims from all over the world who visit the city of Kuru.

As the crew travels towards the railway platform, they meet the local railway authorities and ask the people to wait outside the railway.

While the train is going towards the station, the crew notices a group on the tracks.

The local authorities tell them that the train has been delayed.

They take them to a nearby police station and demand their tickets.

The officers ask them why they are late.

The team members tell them the reason.

Then the crew returns to the railway, where they meet with their family and friends.

Finally, the train leaves for the town.

Train Cartoonist R. Thakurs most recent series, Train, has been a popular and well-liked cartoon.

This time, Thakury has also created a more modern cartoon.

He has added some new characters to the story and a new twist to the journey.

Train has been making a big splash in India for over a year now.

The cartoon has also gone viral in India, which has seen a rise in online traffic.

“There are some people who are offended by the cartoon and I don’t blame them.

I understand that the cartoon has caused controversy in many parts of the world,” Thakure said.

On a recent visit to Mumbai, Thackur, who is based in Ahmedabad, took the train to Kolkata to visit his sister and to work on Train.

He said, “The journey of Train is an old tradition in India.

It is an ancient tradition.

I hope that people from all corners of the country will read the cartoon, which is so popular, and understand the true meaning of it.” 

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